A programme to transform leadership management

Cause breakthrough business
results in three months.


3 month, intensive programme


Visible results in areas that matter


Increase growth for your business

Talent retention

Keeping the right people in your business

01 Interactive group development sessions

We co-create with you a programme comprising three intensive two-day explorations in leadership management that equip participants to achieve extraordinary breakthroughs in performance.

Leadership Programme step 1

02 Recreate your leadership

Participants get to stop and look at their current habits of thinking. Work out what they can let go of and design a new leadership & management style to engage others at a new level.

Leadership Programme step 1

03 Delivering a cultural transformation

Delivering a thriving leadership culture, with elevated listening and psychological safety. Experience breakthroughs in accountability, cohesion and trust.

Leadership Programme step 1

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Frequently asked questions

  • What is your approach?

    Our focus is on having participants ask powerful, revelatory questions that provide them with irrevocable insights into who they are as leaders, how they listen and how they limit what they see as possible in their organisations. Our approach is truly transformational by inviting participants first to analyse, then recontruct, aspects of their belief systems and identities to accommodate a new vision for their own leadership.

  • How many people do you typically take on a programme?

    We tend to work with groups of twelve to sixteen people in a single cohort. For larger groups, we can work with multiple cohorts symultaneously.

  • How do you do this?

    We usually work with a cohort over three-to-six months with three-to-four residential sessions. Each residential session is usually three days in duration.

  • What seniority of participant do you work with?

    Whilst we're able to coach people at any level, we typically work with senior leaders in organisations. We're also often asked to work with high-potential individuals who the company believes would benefit from further development.

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