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You Should Read This

A business podcast hosted by Richard Atherton & Tom van der Lubbe

Season 02

Season 01

Richard Atherton

Richard is a partner at coaching firm FirstHuman. He is passionate about building extraordinary people-first companies. He helps leaders at all levels to realise their greatness.

Having done many years of shadow work himself, he now compassionately helps others to explore the dark as well as the light of who they are.

As well as being co-host of You Should Read This, he is the host of the acclaimed podcast Being Human.

Tom van der Lubbe

Tom is the Co-Founder of Viisi, a financial services company that offers customized mortgage solutions for highly educated customers.

He believes we should leave the world in a better shape than it was when we were born. He experienced that life can be very short, when he had cancer when he was 20, so he wants to spend my time on things that matter.

He believes in a “why” of individuals and organisations. The “why” is the motivational engine that gives fullfillment in what we do.

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