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Tom and I review “The Tyranny of Merit“, a thought-provoking book by Michael J. Sandel that challenges the prevailing notion of meritocracy and explores its unintended consequences. Sandel argues that in our modern societies, the idea that individual success is solely based on merit has led to a growing divide and a sense of unfairness.

The book delves into the history of the meritocratic ideal and examines its impact on social and economic inequality. 

Drawing on philosophical, political, and sociological perspectives, Sandel explores alternative visions of a just society that go beyond the narrow confines of meritocracy. He calls for a more inclusive understanding of success that takes into account the common good and promotes a sense of solidarity among citizens.

The Tyranny of Merit” raises important questions about the nature of success, fairness, and the role of luck in our lives. It challenges us to reevaluate our assumptions and consider alternative models that prioritize equality, dignity, and a sense of community.

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