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Business Performance Interventions

For when you need to get unstuck or to unlock your next level of business performance


Get straight on the current reality; commit to a new future


Align on new strategies, outcomes and accountabilities


Overcome problems and difficulties and stay on course


Foster generative and proactive teams and organisations

Performance Interventions

We'll help you achieve a rapid and dramatic shift in your business performance. When you have an immediate need to deliver a particular business outcome, we co-create a tailored Performance Intervention with you that enhances the leadership potential of your organisation to reach new heights. Consider us your partner in achieving the extraordinary. We help your leaders break from current constraints and align around a new vision. We equip your people to powerfully engage and mobilise others to create the commitment, creativity, and accountability they need to deliver breakthrough results.

01 Assessing your current situation

Business performance interventions will only be effective if tailored to the current condition of the team or organisation. Our starting point is to conduct one-to-one interviews to reveal the prevailing conversations. These conversations uncover what people see as possible, current issues and complaints, and opportunities to elevate leadership and performance. We discover what your leaders perceive as the barriers to change and what is important to them going forward. These insights will inform how we then design the business performance intervention.

Depending on the scale of the engagement, we may also deploy surveying tools to probe more widely across your organisation. These tools include Cognitive Edge’s SenseMaker tool or the MirrorMirror platform.

Leadership Programme step 1

02 Co-creating the solution

We bring your key leaders together in a series of intense work sessions where they take ownership of the current condition and create a fresh view of what is possible. Next is to align on and commit to delivering a new vision, specific and measurable outcomes and how to work together. We then coach you to overcome problems and difficulties effectively, powerfully mobilise the organisation, manage stakeholders and create potent operating environments.

Leadership Programme step 1

03 Elevating Leadership

Integrated into the work sessions and the related coaching is deep leadership development. The participants will develop their listening and communication skills, how to powerfully engage with others, open up what is possible, transcend limiting patterns and behaviours, be effective in the face of setbacks and will totally reinvent themselves as leaders.

Leadership Programme step 1

Leaving a powerful cultural legacy

Not only is our promise that our intervention will have your organisation achieve your desired outcome, but we will leave you with a cohort of leaders with enhanced capabilities. Their elevated ability to listen, create possibilities and engage others will leave a cultural legacy of improved relationships and stronger morale. Put simply, after our interventions; your organisation becomes a Potent Environment for even greater business growth and personal expansion.

What will you achieve in a nutshell:

  • Accomplishment of the specific outcomes required of the intervention
  • A re-energised set of leaders and operating environment
  • A new view of what is possible for the organisation
  • A potent environment where new breakthroughs are available
  • Improved relationships and morale across your business

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Frequently asked questions

  • What is your approach?

    Through a structured approach, we ask participants powerful, revelatory questions that help them think afresh. By exploring the fundamental business and leadership challenges from a fresh perspective, participants gain a deeper understanding of the dynamics at play within the organisation and are better equipped to develop engaging strategies for improving performance and achieving their goals. Ultimately, this approach helps you to unlock the full potential of your team and drive meaningful, sustainable change within your organisation.

  • How many people do you typically work with during an intervention?

    We tend to work with a group of people with the greatest accountability for achieving the breakthrough business outcome - this typically ranges from 4 to 25 people.

  • How long do your interventions last?

    We structure the interventions to deliver outcomes quickly. Our interventions typically last from 3 to 6 months.

  • What seniority of participants do you work with?

    Our business performance interventions can include key people from all levels of an organisation. The nature of the outcome required will determine the team engaged in the intervention. However, typically these interventions can not succeed without the explicit sponsorship and involvement of those with the highest authority in the given domain, usually the CEO.

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