Meet the team

Our promise to you

The foundation of FirstHuman is an authentic commitment to fulfil on what is important to the clients we work with. All our Partners and Associates have an exceptional ability to listen, get to the core of what will deliver success and commit alongside you to do what is needed to ensure success.

Our associates

  • Philip James

    Former HRD at NATS

    Most of my work is centred on helping clients with Leadership. In my experience, Leadership is easy to talk about, hard to sustain but underlies many client issues with capability.

    Philip James
  • Stuart Turnbull

    Former Partner at Mercer

    I work at the intersection of Strategy, Leadership and Change with more than 20 years experience working with global organisations to solve complex social problems in order to improve performance.

    Stuart Turnbull
  • Ferdi D’Souza

    I am very clear that what my life is about is causing a transformation of what is possible for us human beings. What I want is for people to fully 'be' who they can be.

    Ferdi D’Souza

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