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Ongoing development your leaders


From three to twelve months

FirstHuman Embedded Business Coaching

When you embed our coaches in your business, we empower your key individuals to see new possibilities and lead at a new level. We empower your managers to create potent environments where their colleagues feel encouraged and equipped to take on a new level of challenge and accountability. Our coaches work with you to develop leader-leader cultures where everyone works to their potential.

Create new possibilities

As we integrate powerful coaching principles in our coachees, we catalyse the creation of a learning culture in your business that embraces change and nurtures leadership development. Our coaches work with your teams and facilitate effective team dynamics, and promote collaboration, trust, and innovation.

We equip our coachees to:

  • Review and create a more powerful context for their roles
  • Tune in to how they see the world and how this might limit them
  • Engage others powerfully and authentically
  • Re-create a powerful new relationship to responsibility
  • Intervene with their counterproductive behaviours
  • Understand what they rely on to succeed and how this might help or hinder them
  • Tune in to what’s important to them and how they can align this to their leadership
  • Creatively overcome problems and difficulties
  • Develop strategies for resilience
  • Powerfully deal with resistance

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Frequently asked questions

  • What is your approach?

    Our embedded business coaching approach is uniquely designed to provoke deep and transformative reflection, helping coachees to examine and unpack their everyday challenges, beliefs, and ideas. Through powerful, revelatory questions, they are encouraged to dive deep into their own thought processes and explore new and innovative approaches to leadership and problem-solving. .

  • How long do your coaching relationships last?

    We usually work with individuals between three and twelve months.

  • What seniority of participants do you work with?

    We work with senior leaders and high-potential individuals who the company believes would benefit from further development.

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