A talk with leading complexity researcher Professor Chris Mowles. We explore:
– ‘Complex responsive processes’ and how they can help us comprehend organisations
– Why understanding deep-seated fears and anxieties are so important when working with groups
– The absurdity of the Blair’s government’s Head of Deliverology
– How the practice of free-flowing conversation between nurses dramatically cut patient falls in the NHS
– What annoys him about “learning take-aways”
– How Systems Thinking can be so unhelpful
– Chris’ critique of Dave Snowden’s Cynefin complexity framework

Chris’ blog: https://complexityandmanagement.wordpress.com/
Hertforshire Business School: https://www.herts.ac.uk/study/schools-of-study/business
Complexity and IST Study (pre-print version): https://bit.ly/2PYN7VB

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