Lean Change Agent

14 October 2021 – 15 October 2021

Become an agile leader of transformation

Agile is now spilling out of IT departments and software teams into the enterprise at large.

Senior stakeholders are looking to change managers to provide novel approaches to make change happen that aligns with the Agile ethos.

Time to change how we do change

For Change Agents, Managers and Leaders, adopting a Lean/Agile approach is one of the most powerful ways for you to achieve change faster and more effectively.

The experience

Over two days:

  • You’ll learn the mindset and the tools to respond powerfully to change challenges in your business
  • You’ll explore a framework to deal with the toughest of stakeholders
  • (For those new to Lean/Agile) You’ll gain the confidence of knowing the Lean/Agile philosophy so that you can work even more effectively with IT and Digital delivery teams
  • You’ll feel more confident to deal with rapid change in your business
  • We’ll hack the specific changes challenges you’re working on right now

10/10 for Richard’s excellent facilitation. Good balance of input and practice. Very good energy management. Excellent listening and following-up on input from the group. Richard really focused on skilling up the audience. Thank you!

Axel Obermeier, Senior Change Manager, Top Tier Sportswear Manufacturer

Richard has depth in the content he shares. The workshop provided excellent examples of application. I honestly I don't think I could have chosen better! You are brilliant and super generous. I congratulate myself for picking you! Would I recommend? 100%

Carolina Mesa, Senior Manager, Accenture, Buenos Aires

Great course - I was surprised by the level of value that it delivered. To be honest, I expected the "Lean, Agile" moniker to be an example of buzz word application. In practice, it delivered highly valuable techniques that I can apply directly... i.e. truly deserving the lean, agile term.

Robert Kinsey, Manager, Waters

Video testimonial


What we’ll cover

  • Lean-Agile Change Management defined, and the ‘why’ and ‘when’ to apply it
  • Where Change Resistance comes from and how to manage it with ease
  • How to use and create simple and powerful, lightweight planning tools, such as Change Canvases
  • The Art of the Business Experiment to accelerate transformations
  • How to lead change from any level in your organisation
  • Tools and practices that you can use right away
  • War stories from Richard and real-life examples from other Lean Change pioneers

What you’ll get

  • A FREE copy of Lean Change Management
  • A Google Hangout with your facilitators two weeks after the event
  • A beautiful certificate of completion to brag to your colleagues about!
  • Eight sessions of fantastic conversations and learning
  • Ability to become a licensed facilitator


Workshops are adapted to sector and attendees’ needs and include topics from the following list:

  • Leading and managing in complexity
  • Overcoming resistance
  • Building alignment from any level
  • Budgeting for agile change
  • Governing agile change
  • Handling conflict
  • Scaling change
  • Adaptive leadership and political thinking
  • Business experiments and culture hacks
  • Communicating powerfully as a change leader


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