Our mission is to make lives more rewarding and dignified for the people who use our products and services. 

At our core, we are a provider of home delivery services for stoma products, urology and wound care. This not only facilitates convenience for patients but also underscores the company’s dedication to improving the overall healthcare experience. By offering a range of essential medical supplies delivered directly to over 70,000 individuals’ homes, Fittleworth contributes to enhancing accessibility and comfort for those managing various health conditions.

Our emphasis on patient-centric care extends beyond the products themselves. Fittleworth prides itself on providing tailored solutions, recognising the unique needs of each individual. This approach fosters a sense of empowerment among patients, aligning with the broader industry trend of personalized healthcare. 

We pride ourselves on delivering an unrivalled customer experience through a close knit community of caring, high performing people. With 40 years of experience we are able to support those with long term health conditions and provide solutions as they move along their patient journey.  By anticipating changes over time our dedicated team are able to support our clients on lifestyle related topics such as diet and wellbeing as well as changes in product requirements.  

We are committed to our people and to ensure they have an environment to work in where they can flourish and preform at their best. We regularly measure employee engagement and have a ‘You Said, We Did’ approach that ensures we act on feedback. We know that if we look after our people, they will look after our clients, which ultimately helps us to look after our business. 

Andy Stonehouse, the MD of Fittleworth says:

“Leading Fittleworth is a privilege. We make a difference to people’s lives on a daily basis through our interactions with our clients. Reading feedback from our clients either through direct correspondence to our team or via formalised review sites is extremely rewarding and fulfilling. We treat every client as if it was a member of our own family, recognising that they may be struggling with their condition or simply wanting someone to listen.

On a personal level, my father has been a Fittleworth client whilst going through prostate cancer. It was extremely reassuring to me and my family knowing that he was getting the care and attention he deserved at a very difficult time in his life. I’m sure we all know someone that needs services provided by Fittleworth, and we would all expect them to treated with dignity and respect. That’s what we do. Every day.”