Our final Executive Roundtable this year promises to challenge us on a core leadership topic. For this interactive peer-to-peer inquiry we will look at a look at what it means to be a truly inclusive leader.

Our guest for this session is Cassi Mecchi. He describes himself as “A social activist who’s secretly infiltrated the corporate sector”. Over the past 10 years he has led on Diversity and Inclusion in companies like Google and Spotify and is currently Netflix’s Director for Inclusion for EMEA. Guided by Cassi, we will inquire into questions like “What does inclusive leadership look like on a daily basis?” and “How do I foster a culture that promotes inclusive leadership?”.

If you would like to to join us in this peer-to-peer enquiry into inclusive leadership on Tuesday, 16 November 16:00-17:30 BST, please send us a message or email to let us know.