My guest this week on Being Human is Tanmoy Goswami, who holds that rare distinction of being the world’s only ‘Sanity Correspondent’ for, well, The Correspondent.
He is a passionate advocate for us talking more openly about mental health.
He first got on my radar with his article “From the myth of meritocracy to the rise of bullshit jobs – it’s time we admit work doesn’t make us happy” in which he lays out how our workplaces can not only make us unhappy but send us to an early grave.
Yes, things must change.

We talk:
– Moving away from the language of war in business
– Living with depression and anxiety
– What we really mean by recovery
– What we must change about our workplaces
– The dark side of mainstreaming the mental health conversation


To our humanity,

Tanmoy’s profile on The Correspondent
Tanmoy’s Twitter

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