This episode’s guest, Rich Sheridan, was a VP in a successful software firm in Michigan when he brought his daughter to work. She was impressed. She figured her Dad must have been very important, as for anything to get done, he had to give his say so. He was “The Answer Man“. And yet for Rich, this was a devastating moment. He was a hero in a hero culture. The only way to scale Hero Organisations is to scale the hero, which would mean longer hours for Rich and less time with his daughters.
This moment set Rich on a path to ultimately build Menlo Innovations, a firm built on a foundation of joy.

In this episode, we talk:
– how to kill meetings permanently
– the power of pairing
– managing the system not the people
– equipping people to say no to curveballs
– how to make more babies!


Joy, Inc
The Chief Joy Officer
Menlo Innovations

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