My guest this week is Alain Hunkins, a veteran leadership coach. He’s worked with over 2,000 groups of leaders in 25 countries, and he’s author of the just-published ‘Cracking the Leadership Code: Three Secrets to Building Leaders‘.

Alain was raised by a mother and grandmother who were both Holocaust survivors. Their trauma-bound personalities were his first experiences of leadership. This sowed the seed for his life-long quest to discover better ways to lead.

Over years of working in men’s groups, Alain learned to identify and reframe his beliefs on leadership, and, through his leadership coaching, he has learned what works for others.

We talk:
– Building connection
– Dealing with rage
– Outside-in vs inside-out development
– What limits organisation growth
– How parenting shapes the workplace


To your humanity,

Alain’s Website
Alain’s Book

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