My guest this week is Julian Wilson, CEO of British engineering firm Matt Black Systems and author of “500%: How Two Pioneers Transformed Productivity”. Along with his business partner, through a series of counter-intuitive steps, he experimented his way to a 500% gain in productivity.
The change saw his staff triple their income, come alive as human beings, whilst delivering extraordinary returns for him and his co-investors.
His is a story of returning to the original translations of Taiichi Ohno’s pioneering work at Toyota to apply its essence to a creative, design-led operation.

We talk:
– Why Lean/Agile transformations fail
– Why centralisation does not remove duplication
– Business as a social institution
– How business culture starts in our families
– Self-leadership pushed to its limits


To your humanity,

500%: How two pioneers transformed productivity – The Book
Matt Black Systems

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