My guest this week is Loizos Heracleous, Professor of Strategy and Organisation at the Warwick Business School and author of the recently published book, Janus Strategy.
After serving as an advisor to major international companies for years, he started to observe that some companies got a competitive edge when adopting a more flexible strategic approach, as opposed to companies that stuck to tight, orthodox strategies. Loizos has called this type of thinking The Janus Strategy, after the Roman god Janus who surveys two or more directions simultaneously. It’s about an abundance mindset, for example, how can we reduce cost and increase quality at the same time?

We cover:
– The god of gods
– Embracing opposites
– Open heart surgery for $2000
– 4 phases of breakthrough thinking
– Why you’ve got to care

To your humanity,

Janus Strategy – The Book
Loizos’ Website


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