Breakthrough is getting free from the past to see a new future

The kicker? You need the right conditions for this to happen. We help you get to the source of your power through the following high-impact interventions:

Leading Extraordinary Performance™

Our flagship LEP™ programme creates a high impact environment for your success. We have you inquire at depth into key aspects of successful leadership in a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous landscape. There are three ways to leverage this programme:

The FirstHuman Project Accelerator™

We design and deliver performance interventions that radically shift how quickly you can deliver results. We align teams on delivering performance breakthroughs and embed key practices for fast and agile delivery. Our approach follows three broad phases:

  • Align the team around what’s possible
  • Coach the team for breakthrough performance
  • Learn and adapt during the process

Contact us now to super-charge your project efforts.

The FirstHuman Agile Incubator™

Through an intensive 90-day coaching engagement, we have your organisation experiment with and embed new practices for accountability, agility and innovation. We work at the team and organisational level to have people:

  • Learn new strategies to thrive in complexity
  • Embed Lean/Agile & Complexity-Aware practices
  • Embrace a coaching culture

Engage us today to deploy this high impact offering for your organisation. To complement this programme you may want attend or send some of your team on our two-day Lean Change Agent workshop.

A Client View

“I have known FirstHuman since 2009. Consummate professionals, they are committed to adding capability and value to every organisation, project or issue they are involved in. They have an ability to get under the skin of what motivates people and organisations, and better align the two through their techniques to achieve what everyone wants….better business results through the efforts of people. Highly commended.”

CEO, Major Energy Company