My guest this week, Csaba Toth arrived in the UK from Hungary in 2004 with enough money for a couple of nights in a hostel.
After a stint in hospitality, Csaba co-created a highly successful table-booking start-up. But despite his academic training in personality differences, he was unable to resolve his issues the CEO, which ultimately led to him leaving the business.
This spurred him to create Global DISC, a powerful assessment tool endorsed by John Mattone, coach to the late Steve Jobs.

In this episode, we talk:
– The difference between inclusion and diversity 
– Why gender, age and ethnic diversity won’t necessarily drive company performance
– The Global DISC approach and how it differs from other personality tests 
– What we mean by cognitive diversity and why it matters
– Why achieving inclusion can take intensive self-work and team development


To your humanity,

Global DISC


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