My return guest this week, Alex Goldfayn, is back with a new book ‘5-Minute Selling‘, which is already an Amazon bestseller.

Now, I hate sales. I’ve always hated sales and yet it’s an absolutely critical skill in my business life. In fact, it’s crucial even if you’re not a proper salesperson, but someone who needs to be able to influence and persuade others.

What I love about Alex his approach is that it’s the antithesis of ‘oily’ or ‘pushy’. At its core, sales is about connecting with people and asking them if you can help.

With that as the ethos, we talk:
– The mindset to have you make that call
– Why we hate sales and how to learn to love it
– The Minimal Viable Proactive Sales Habit (MVPSH) 😉
– Why the phone is so important
– Why system trumps individual actions


To your humanity,

5-Minute Selling
Alex’s Website

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