In this episode Being Human, we have a return visit of one of our most popular guests, Dave Snowden. Dave is by far my favourite Welsh National Treasure. He’s a philosopher-cum-management thinker and developer of the Cynefin framework, a decision making framework that has transformed the way people work and think from the military generals to software developers to humble business coaches like me.

Professor Snowden is part academic, part entrepreneur, part raconteur and a brilliant conversationalist. He’s back to discuss the book created to celebrate 21 years of the Cynefin framework.

In this episode, we explore:
– The latest (and final) incarnation of Cynefin
– Snowden vs Taleb
– Snowden vs Stacey
– Sense-making unpacked
– Slaying fluffy bunnies


To your humanity,

Dave’s Blog
The Cynefin Book

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