In this episode of Being Human, we talk with Nancy Giordano, one of the world’s top female futurists.
Nancy has worked with many leading companies to evolve over $50 billion worth of business. The first TEDx licensee and guest lecturer with Singularity University, Nancy is currently advising an AI startup and advancing horizon efforts that aim to dramatically reshape the ways we recognize, create, and exchange value with each other in the decades ahead.
Nancy’s campaigning for ditching the 20th century’s industrial playbook—driven on growth—allowing humanity to instead focus on building new, more expansive practices committed to human-centric innovation, regenerative solutions, and the creation of long-term value.

We explore:
 Waking up
– Connecting
– Empowerment vs Sovereignty 
– The Productivity Era 
– Beyond learning

Leadering – The Book
Femme Futurists Society

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