In this episode of Being Human, I speak with author, speaker and CEO Sunny Bonnell.
Together with her co-author, Ashleigh Hansberger, she wrote Rare Breed: A Guide to Success for the Defiant, Dangerous, and Different, a book that empowers people to take what society deems as “vices” and turn them into unrivalled assets.
Sunny, herself a rare breed, dropped out of pre-veterinary school to start a branding agency with Ashleigh when branding agencies weren’t a thing. Together, they built the hugely successful firm Motto around a ‘rare breed’ mindset.

In this episode, we talk:

  • Owning your weirdness
  • Her Dad’s pivotal advice that kept her going
  • What it means to be a rare breed
  • Embracing your misfits for business agility
  • The dark side of the rare breed

Are you a rare breed? Find out
Sunny’s Company – Motto
Rare Breed – The Book

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