In this episode of Being Human, I speak with Paul Collier, the author of the barn-storming new economic treatise ‘The Future of Capitalism’.
From humble beginnings in Sheffield, England, to life as an Oxford don, Paul understands the power and limitations of capitalism from both sides of the tracks.
In our conversation, Paul reflects on the role businesses must play in creating a more sustainable version of capitalism.
Packed with great anecdotes and some sobering insights, I really enjoyed this one

We talk:

  • From England’s poorest city to celebrated academic
  • Why ‘oughts’ trump ‘wants’
  • How General Motors failed at Lean
  • How the capitalism that has brought us closer is now pushing us apart
  • Why we can’t treat humans like cats


Paul’s The Future of Capitalism
Nicholas A. Christakis – Blueprint: The Evolutionary Origins of a Good Society
Michael J. Sandel – The Tyranny of Merit
Robert D. Putnam – The Upswing
Paul Collier, John Kay – Greed Is Dead: Politics After Individualism

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