What does it mean to be a good organisation in a world of unbounded individualism and ferocious social Darwinism? A rebellious professor and a business insurgent believe they have an answer.
Professor at the University of St. Gallen Antoinette Weibel and Otti Vogt, ex-COO of ING, join us this week to talk about the new project they’ve co-founded called Good Organisations.
They believe the “anything goes” narrative of our postmodern world cannot be upheld. Antionette and Otti join the show to tell us that we need to re-learn how to put virtues first and craft “good organisations” that enable human flourishing.

In this episode, we talk:

  • Healthy feminine and healthy masculine
  • The role of healing and dialogical learning
  • The curse of unbounded individualism
  • How Agile = ‘Lipstick on a Pig
  • The need for revolution

Good Organisations

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