This week’s guest on Being Human is Marina Efaimoglou. She has an interesting life story, to say the least.
Whilst still in her twenties she was running her own investment firm having survived a cancer with 25% survival odds. The scare caused her re-evaluate her life. She later received a second diagnosis. This time, she was able to heal purely through natural methods.
Her health quest led her to create the Euphoria Retreat in the Taygetus Mountains near Sparta in Greece. But it’s not all salads and massages, at its core is a spiritual inquiry into why we’re here.

We talk:

  • Surviving cancer twice
  • The family crisis that set her free
  • Using the Chinese 5 Elements to understanding healing
  • Staring her own investment firm
  • Leaving banking for her new life

Marina’s Retreat – Euphoria


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