This week I speak with Niels Pflaeging, researcher and author on organisational leadership and transformation.

Niels is a tour de force on a mission to create a world of ‘Beta’ organisations. He borrows the ‘beta’ concept from software development, where ‘beta’ systems are constantly being iterated. Beta organisations are decentralised and comprise small, self-sustaining autonomous teams in the mould of Handelsbanken or Buurtzorg. Niels claims his beta model is the best a company can adopt to thrive in complexity and to enable human flourishing.

Niels pulls no punches in describing our present management paradigm, nor his views on applying complexity science in business.

Niels shares:

  • Why command and control ‘Alpha’ organisations stink
  • The difference between Blue (complicated) and Red (complex) systems
  • Why complexity frameworks are BS
  • The issue with consent-based decisions making
  • How to transform to a decentralised ‘Beta’ organisation in 90 days

Organize for Complexity – The Book
Niels’ Website

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