This week, I speak with Brent Michael Phillips. MIT-trained Brent was a successful software engineer and entrepreneur who suffered a series of significant personal setbacks. After years of failed treatments, he experienced a miraculous healing and dedicated himself to studying spirituality and energy healing.

He started a business and got off disability, but still struggled with relationships and money. One day, he met a mentor who taught him a healing process called Movement Feedback Holography, which helped him achieve breakthroughs in both areas. Now, he is on a mission to share this powerful technique with the world.

We talk:

  • Generation 1, 2 and 3 Healing
  • How The Law of Attraction doesn’t work
  • How the body provides clues to subconscious blocks
  • Surviving divorce, bankruptcy and cancer
  • Getting consciousness back in the body for health and financial breakthroughs

Brett’s Website
Brett’s YouTube Channel


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