This week, I speak with Doug Fleener, a business advisor, coach, author, and keynote speaker, also known as The Daily Performance Expert.

As hero’s journey arcs go, Doug takes some beating, from a former addict bankrupting his family business to a successful businessman and coach.

Doug has brilliantly developed the recovery mantras of ‘Keep it in The Day’ and ‘Keep It Simple Stupid’ into a philosophy for life and business.

I personally spent many years in 12-step recovery and benefitted enormously from the ‘wisdom of the rooms’, so this one is close to my heart.

We talk:

  • Waking up after blacking out on a flight to Hawaii
  • Bankrupting the family business
  • Getting sober and learning to keep it the day
  • Applying the principles of recovery to business
  • Practising relentless simplicity

Doug’s Website
The Day Makes the Year (Makes a Life) – The Book

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