This week, I speak with Michael OBrien, a speaker, author, business coach, and the creator of the Pause, Breathe, Reflect movement.

Whilst enjoying his life leading marketing for a $700m brand, in July 2011, whilst out riding his bike, Michael was slammed through the windshield of a speeding Ford Explorer. The devastating impact broke bones and damaged nerves throughout his body.

Experiencing depression as the enormity of his injuries bore down on him, Michael learned the power of gratitude and mindfulness.

Having now left corporate life, Michael is on a mission to share the strategies that have worked for him with the world.

We discuss:

  • The simple gratitude practice that resulted in his Last Bad Day
  • The breathing technique that started his mindfulness journey
  • How he used his Pause, Breath, Reflect approach to powerfully navigate corporate life

Michael’s Website
The Pause Breathe Reflect app
Shift: Creating Better Tomorrows – The Book

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