This week’s guest is Jonathan Hunt-Glassman, CEO of Oar Health, a seasoned executive with over 15 years of experience in the healthcare industry, including strategic leadership roles at Humana, Optum, and Bain & Company, that decided to use his personal journey in overcoming addiction to make a meaningful impact in the way people approach Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD) treatment.

His approach to recovery emphasizes the possibility of improvement at any stage and the importance of exploring a broad spectrum of help options. He challenges the orthodoxy of ‘sobriety or nothing’ and advocates for varied and numerous treatment possibilities, including medication, peer support, therapy, and professional behaviour modification, promoting a message of hope and the potential for a brighter future for those struggling with addiction, especially not ready to quit completely.

We discuss:

  • Managing his disorder while keeping down a job
  • First experience with Naltrexone
  • The ‘miracle‘ effect
  • Starting Oar Health
  • His message for those with Alcohol Use Disorder

OAR Health


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