We’re at the forefront of three societal waves: environmental degradation, rising inequality and human isolation.

Kim Polman is out to make a change.

At a fringe meeting at Davos in 2016, she launched a book of essays. On a snowy hill of hard-headed global capitalists, she spoke of heart-based connection, caring for the environment, and yes, spirituality. It caused a sensation. It started a movement. Kim’s message is simple. Jesus, the Buddha and the great sages shared the same idea. The Golden Rule: treat others as you would wish to be treated.

In this episode, we talk:

– How to apply the Golden Rule in practice
– The metaphor of the caterpillar’s imaginal cells
– How her playing the cello helped her parent her sons
– The tale of a 40-hour-week success story in Silicon Valley
– Why connecting to ourselves is at the core of global transformation


Links: https://www.rebootthefuture.org/

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