This episode’s guest, Michael J. Gelb, has published 17 books, including ‘How to Think like Leonardo da Vinci‘ and ‘The Healing Organization‘, which he co-authored with recent guest Raj Sisodia. He takes the view that our intellects are highly malleable, even into later life, and by using specific exercises, we can better integrate our left and right brains to enhance our reasoning and creative powers.
In this conversation, we take a tour through three of his books, from ‘How to Think like Leonardo da Vinci‘, the ‘The Art of Connection‘, landing at ‘The Healing Organization‘. The underlying theme is one of embracing all of our humanity, as individuals and in our organisations.

We talk:
– How to think like Leonardo da Vinci
– The power of curiosity for unlocking creative potential
– The Indra’s Net metaphor for consciousness
– The need for ‘whole-brain thinking‘ in economics and in life
– Why “Healing Organizations” are part of the megatrend for capitalism

Enjoy and have a great weekend!

To your humanity,


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