In this episode, I speak with therapist Theresa Sheppard Alexander, author of ‘Facing The Wolf: Inside The Process of Deep Feeling Therapy‘.
Theresa shares her story of finding Primal Therapy in her early twenties and how she helps clients climb down ‘the staircase of feeling’ to experience their deepest pain, and ultimately, to find more joy and light in their lives.
I found this one of my most challenging conversations so far on Being Human. As a veteran of Primal Therapy myself, I reveal more about my own journey than I have in any other public conversation.

We talk:
– The benefits of ‘descending into feeling
– Getting your whole self back
– The problem with cognitive therapy
– Will I become just a puddle of tears?
– Therapy and sexuality


To your humanity,

Theresa’s website
‘Facing The Wolf’ book 

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