Perhaps the phrase ‘A Man of Many Hats’ was created for my guest this week. A Google Exec, investor, record label boss, YouTuber, I give you Kiwi-in-London Craig Fenton.

Craig began life as a barrister, then switched to consulting before landing as Director of Strategy and Operations at Google in the UK.

No-one can accuse Craig of not making the most of his ‘20% time’ at the Chocolate Factory.

Now, I do hope PM Boris is a regular listener to the show. This episode is audio-only due to Craig’s internet issues. If a top Google exec can’t get decent home internet in our capital city, what hope is there for the rest of us hey Boris? Let’s get good fibre everywhere.

That said, this is a great conversation with a truly inspiring man. We talk:

– Phone-only podcasting
– Managing multiple pursuits
– The evolving Google culture
– Discovering music talent
– The upside of Glass-holes


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