This week on Being Human, we speak with Dr. Kevin Dutton, University of Oxford Research Psychologist, Bestselling Author and Elite Performance Consultant, also known as The Psychology Guy.

The topic might seem odd for a show dedicated to humanising people’s lives and workplaces, but psychopaths are part of the forest of humanity. As we’ll explore in this episode, they can and often do take on productive roles in our society, but it’s important to understand how psychopaths operate and what we can and can’t expect from them.

Like his charming psychopathic father, Dr. Dutton is hugely charismatic and it was a joy to spend time with him.

In this episode, we talk:
– Growing up with ‘Del Boy’
– Hot vs cold empathy
– Saying ‘no‘ like a psycho
– The positive role of psychopaths in society
– How psychopathic are you?

Dr. Dutton’s Website
The Wisdom of Psychopaths – The Book


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