This week on Being Human, I speak with Trent Hone, an authority on the U.S. Navy of the early twentieth century and a leader in applying complexity science to organisational design.
Trent hooked me with his powerful story of U.S. Navy’s rapid learning techniques in the ‘Cyenfin at 21’ book, the subject of my recent podcast with Dave Snowden.
In our conversation, we talk about how the U.S. Navy was forced to learn some tough lessons combating a stealthy Japanese navy in the Battle of Guadalcanal in WWII and how they adapted and improved their fighting capabilities whilst pursuing combat. Trent helps goliaths like The World Bank and U.S. Government to foster innovation using the simple methods he has learned meticulously researching naval strategy.

In this episode, we talk:
– Countering Japanese covert tactics
– The power of doctrine
– When admirals get psychological safety
– Creativity under fire
– Lessons for corporate agility

Trent’s Website

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