In this episode of Being Human, I speak with author, former cop and serial entrepreneur Jeff Wald.
After selling WorkMarket, the multi-million dollar labour platform Jeff helped build from scratch, he found some time to pen The End of Jobs: The Rise of On-Demand Workers and Agile Corporations.
Jeff claims that we’re now entering a fourth great leap forward in technology, after mechanisation, electrification, and computerisation. With robots and AI, we face the first services revolution, meaning we will need to renegotiate the social contract, set clear rules for companies, and provide stability for society.

In this episode, we talk:
– Jeff’s surprising prediction for post-COVID remote working
– Staying resilient through start-up highs and lows
– How to manage mixed robot and human teams
– What it takes to succeed in the NYPD
– Is blockchain going to change the world?

Jeff’s Website

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