In this episode of Being Human, I speak with psychological researcher, consultant and author, Malcolm Parlett.
From an orthodox academic background, at Cambridge then MIT, Malcolm discovered Gestalt psychology, which changed his life and work.
It opened up a new sense of connectedness and took him away from more traditional, reductive approaches.
Malcolm went on to co-found the UK’s Gestalt Psychotherapy and Training Institute and to create the British Gestalt Journal.
His book, ‘Future Sense: Five explorations of whole intelligence for a world that’s waking up’ has been an inspiration for coaches, educators and therapists worldwide.
Malcolm is a powerful, tender soul, and he was a joy to interview.

In this episode, we talk:
– Getting out of your head
– Practical Gestalt
– Embodying
– Self-Recognising
– The power of gardening


To your humanity,

Malcolm’s Books

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