This week’s guest is Dr. Howard Schubiner, director of the Mind Body Medicine Center at Providence Hospital in Southfield, Michigan and Clinical Professor at Wayne State University School of Medicine.

According to Dr. Schubiner, our chronic pain is often a learned response or association, meaning that we have conditioned ourselves to associate a trigger with a reaction.

Dr. Schubiner suggests that we can “re-wire” our neural circuits to undo this conditioning using his Mind-Body approach.

If you’re suffering from chronic pain or have friends and family that do, Dr. Schubiner is well worth a listen.

We talk:

  • Howard’s conversion to mind-body thinking
  • Medicine’s blind spot
  • Job satisfaction and back pain
  • How forgiveness can heal you physically
  • How pain protects us

The Unlearn Your Pain Website
Unlearn Your Pain – The Book

Resources recommended by Dr. Hubiner:

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