This week we see the return of a former guest to the podcast, Professor of Complexity and Management at The University of Hertfordshire Chris Mowles. He’s back on the podcast to talk about his new book, Complexity: A Key Idea for Business and Society.

Drawing on the natural and social sciences, he describes how complexity models are helpful but insufficient for our understanding of complex reality. Taking an interdisciplinary approach, he explains how, whenever humans are involved, it will be ‘predictably unpredictable’ whether we like it or not. But rather than this being a cause for despair, Chris emphasises how understanding complexity can give us more options for action.

We talk:
– Handling the discomfort of uncertainty
– Ethics in complexity
– Sources of group resilience
– Unstable stability
– There is no system!

Complexity: A Key Idea for Business and Society – The Book
Chris’ University of Hertfordshire Page

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