This week’s guest is former medical doctor, corporate retiree, and spiritual adept Kevin Krenitsky. Seven years ago, he left life as a successful executive to devote himself entirely to going within. He recently released The Still Point: The Simplicity of Spiritual Enlightenment.

According to Kevin, we are amidst the most significant wave of awakening or self-realisation this planet has ever seen. Our unconscious living has not only created stress, anxiety, wars, and famine; our choices have brought us to the edge of mass destruction. He believes there’s a better way, one in which we can live our lives in alignment with our true selves.

We talk:
– Following the Direct Path
– Our addiction to experience
– How we can’t solve the mind with the mind
– Decoupling thoughts and feelings
– The ‘journey’ trap

The Still Point – The Book
Kevin’s Website

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