This week, I speak with Kyle McDowell, author, leadership coach and former top executive.

Kyle has had an extraordinary career. He left high school to work in a call centre, paid his way through college and ended his corporate career managing tens of thousands of people.

In his book, Begin With WE: 10 Principles for Building and Sustaining a Culture of Excellence, Kyle examines the root causes of dysfunction in the workplace, highlighting the plague of a “me-oriented” paradigm.

His inside-out approach cultivates courageous “WE-oriented” leaders who recognize that great things can only be accomplished by great teams with a shared vision and a common set of guiding principles.

We talk:

  • We not me leadership
  • Relating to all levels
  • Dropping the corporate persona
  • Holding the line on principles

Begin with WE – The Book
Kyle’s Website


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