This week, I speak with Yuri van Geest, co-author of the book Exponential Organizations.

Yuri is a master in helping companies scale and has worked closely with Ray Kurzweil’s Singularity University. Until just a few years ago, he was delivering up to three hundred keynotes a year, but he was experiencing burnout. A moment of self-reflection made him re-evaluate his life. This new perspective led him to take a 300km walk in India, meditating five times daily and to spend five days in a one-square-metre spot without food or water.

With a profound shift in consciousness from these experiences, he has changed his life and career. Yuri is now re-embracing his creativity with a monthly DJ slot and is committed to causing a change in consciousness across the world.

We talk:

  • Building exponential organisations 
  • ‘Immanence walks’ for kids
  • Confronting your shadow
  • Connecting to nature
  • Applying Nature’s principles to everything


Much love,

Exponential Organizations – The Book
Yuri’s LinkedIn Page


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