This week’s Being Human episode guest is Dr. Vincent Esposito, a holistic doctor trained in chiropractic, nutrition, and herbal medicine.

Dr. Esposito has a fantastic health journey that started during his time as a college athlete. Noticing an increase in body weight and the onset of gut issues, he started to dive deeper into anatomy and psychology, understanding the biochemistry that allows our bodies to run properly. After developing a regimen of healthy eating and living rules, he’s resolved his gut issues and has developed a plant-based system that allows people to live healthy lives inside and out.

We talk:

  • Using the five flavours for great vegetarian meals
  • Is it about plant-based, or it is about whole foods?
  • The peril of not going organic
  • How you eat, not what you eat

Dr. Esposito’s Website
Dr. Esposito’s YouTube Channel

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