This week I interview Damian Hughes, host of the hugely popular The High Performance Podcast, academic, international speaker and best-selling author. I first heard him speak at a client we both share. He enraptured the audience with his humour, fantastic stories and insight. He combines his deep understanding of human psychology with what he’s learned interviewing some of the most accomplished people on the planet.

We talk:

  • Growing up as the son of a world-class boxing coach
  • Creating High Performance cultures
  • Low efficacy vs. high efficacy personalities
  • Lessons from football legend van Persie
  • High Performance defined (not what you’d think)

Damian’s Website
High Performance: Lessons from the Best on Becoming Your Best – The Book
How to Change Your Life: Lessons on Transformation from the World of High Performance – The Book
The High Performance Podcast


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