This week I speak with Gilbert Bates, multiple author and practitioner of Janovian Primal Therapy – a highly effective approach for resolving early trauma and leading a rich and love-filled life.

Following a breakdown at age 46, Gilbert sought help by traditional psychiatric means. He was told he’d have to be on medication for the rest of his life. After experimenting with shamanistic practices, Gil realised that medication blocks the flow of traumatic memories from coming to conscious awareness, serving to keep his feelings down. In contrast, he discovered that Janovian Primal Therapy gets underneath the brain’s inbuilt defences to allow us to experience painful memories for what they are and to heal from them. Today he’s sharing the results of his incredible journey.

We talk:

  • Curing his depression by 90%
  • Feeling love for the first time in his 70s
  • The fatal flaw in the human psyche and how to resolve it
  • Reconnecting with our animal nature
  • Resolving our primal pain and letting the love flow

Gilbert’s Website
Three Levels Of Mind YouTube Channel
Love and the Three Levels of Consciousness – The Book


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