This week I speak with Brent Pohlman, the author of ‘Leaders Look Within‘ and owner and CEO of Midwest Laboratories.

Brent started working at 15 in the company his father started and ended up in charge. Through decades of building on his father’s legacy, Brent has learned that no matter what incentives you offer, employees will only truly listen to a manager that leads from the heart. After a cardiac scare in 2006 and the loss of his mother a decade later, Brent realised he needed to change how he led. Some introspection led him to a purpose-oriented and people-first approach.

We talk:

  • Developing a personal ‘Why’ and ‘How’
  • The power of monitoring our Heart Rate Variability
  • Rubber bands and negative self-talk
  • A killer morning routine
  • Prayer in the workplace

Brent’s Website


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