This week, I speak with Deb Dana, a renowned clinician, author and pioneer in elucidating and applying Polyvagal Theory.

Polyvagal Theory is a breakthrough in understanding how our nervous system works. It explains how our subconscious detection of danger cues trips us into one of three dominant states: calm, connected, curious – ventral vagas; fight or flight – sympathetic; and shutdown – dorsal vagal. Appreciating this aspect of how our nervous system works can help us to understand our reactions to everyday situations and how to help ourselves, and others return to a connected state.

We talk:

  • Beyond the parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous system
  • What a fidgetting colleague tells us
  • How to ladder up to achieve calm
  • Why employee ‘disengagement’ is not the problem
  • When to direct and when to give options

Deb’s Website
Deb’s Books

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