Prepare for an inspiring conversation with Rijon Erickson, a world-renowned consultant, author and trailblazer in Open Space Technology (OST). If you aren’t familiar, OST is a cutting-edge meeting facilitation process that flips traditional agendas on their head. With its unique approach, participants take the reins of their discussions by creating their own agenda and forming self-organised working groups.

I’ve seen this transformative power firsthand since attending my first Open Space in 2015. It’s now my number one facilitation tool. With its ability to enable any group to produce astonishing outcomes, it is the most effective way to enable any group of people to have the magic happen, bar perhaps doing actual magic.

We talk:

  • From jazz musician to IT helpdesk to high-level facilitator
  • Discovering Open Space for the first time
  • The core principles of Open Space
  • The issue with Hackathons
  • Tilling the soil for self-organisation

Rijon’s Website
The Open Space Institute


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