This week on Being Human, in an at times highly emotive interview, I sit down with Liz Keogh. The conversation has two major themes.

First, we talk complexity and how Liz interprets and finds use for the Cynefin complexity framework, including:

– How to understand Cyenfin to make better decisions around difficult problems
– The difference between ‘probes’ and ‘experiments’ and why we should learn to let go of outcomes
– Her simple method for gauging the level the complexity facing you

In the second half, Liz courageously shares her experiences of sexual harassment and her take on the MeToo movement. I make my own confession of past poor behaviour and we discuss what we should all be doing to confront these issues.

This has been my most exposing interview to date and I was seriously moved by the power of Liz’s testimony. I hope you will get as much from this conversation as I did.

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