This week on Being Human, I interview Professor Ruth Ann Atchley from the University of South Florida. Ruth Ann is the author of the much-cited paper “Creativity in the Wild”:
– the first scientific study to find a link between creativity and exposure to nature,
– discovering a 50% increase in creative reasoning after four days of hiking and no tech.

We also explore:

– The importance of “softly fascinating” stimuli to replenish our attentional resources
– The imperative to get away from the ‘hijacking’ effect of modern tech
– Why it’s not just about being in nature


Creativity in the Wild –
Cowboys and Cawe Dwellers –
The Restorative Benefits of Nature –
Directed Attention as a Common Resource for Executive Functioning and Self-Regulation –
The Cognitive Benefits of Interacting with Nature –
Stress recovery during exposure to natural and urban environments –

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